Saturday, December 13, 2008

New Addition to Our Family!!!

Well, I again have been sick. Seems that I can't get a break sometimes...but that comes with the territory I guess. So, even though my head was swimming every time I stood up we went to the pound and my little one picked out the new addition to our family! His name is Bear. Although the way he lounges around I'm starting to think that we should have named him Lump. He is supposed to be a Beagle Husky mix. I chuckled at that one. Don't really see the husky in him but only time will tell. So, now here is the real kicker! A month or so before I found out I was pregnant with my little girl we adopted our little kittens, Renfield and Vladimir from the pound. Well ... hey, sometimes lightening does strike twice! Hope all is well and have a great weekend.

Monday, December 8, 2008

Gingerbread Dress Up

Sorry, haven't been on for the past couple of days. Been extremely busy with the holidays so close. I haven't even gone shopping for the little one!!! I have taken the next two days off from work so I will hopefully get what I need for her, finish decorating the tree, etc..... Today is a little dress up for a Gingerbread "person". If you are interested you can get it HERE. I forgot to put the TOU in the zip file so please use them as you want. Until then, peace out, be safe and enjoy!!!

Tuesday, December 2, 2008

Christmas Template

Ok so here is a Christmas Template that I was playing around with. Should I be saving it in a different format? Or is the png still ok to do when it's a template of sorts? If interested you can get the Christmas Template #1 by clicking on the link. I really need to get a little more creative. I either put to much items on something or not enough. I need to get an even medium. So in the next couple of days I will be posting odds and ends of things to see what your suggestions are. I would also like to say Thank You to the people out there that said that my "work" isn't up to par and that it's not worth downloading, etc etc. Because of you, I now have more umphf to try different things and expand a little. I'm not the type to have people try and push me down and stay laying down. No no, that only makes me stronger and makes me push back even harder - I'm stubborn that way. So I will be doing more, learning more and hopefully posting more. And hopefully I will get better and better. Oh, and not to worry ... When I could be considered as a "real digital designer" I don't plan on EVER charging for anything that I post on this blog. Again, have a great day!

Candy Cane Alpha

Well I finally learned how to put the background that I want on letters. I found the book that I bought a while ago. Forgot that I had it until I stumbled upon it in the "computer room." I have quotes on that because the room is more like a very large junk drawer. Everything that doesn't have a place, but I want to keep, goes in that room. It was more simple than I expected. I thought it was going to be time consuming and aggravating to do. So today will be some Candy Cane Alphabets and you can get them HERE. I do find it amazing that there are people out there that are trying to charge anywhere between $.99 - $2.99 for something like this. It's a wonder. Don't get me wrong, there are some really amazing work out there for sale that is worth purchasing [like the one I bought for Halloween shown in a previous post - and you should check out her work! Gorgeous!]. But … come on now! For what I'm posting today? They should give that as a Freebie. Anyways, if you would like me to make you up some letters with a background that you have just let me know and I will try and do it for you. It will be good practice for me. I’m the type of person that if I don’t do things repetitively I tend to forget. Ok, so hope you enjoy them and can use them. Enjoy your Tuesday! Peace Out!

Friday, November 28, 2008

Christmas Kit

I just finished a Christmas Kit which I hope you all like. I've actually been working on some of the items for a while now and think they didn't come out half bad. Especially since I don't have a clue as to what the hell I'm doing half the time. In either case, I think I would be better off hand drawing something and then scanning it as opposed to using the mouse. Anyways, if interested, you can download the Christmas Kit by clicking on the link. Let me know what you think. If you don't have any constructive criticism please do me a favor and look to the top right hand side of your browser...see that pretty red X? Click it. Oh, and be sure to read the TOU! I hope you all have a great weekend! Stay safe and enjoy life!

Monday, November 24, 2008

Free To Use As You Please!

Hi all. These are some of the items that I made up while in the learning process. Consider this an open invitation to use them as you see fit. Use them commercially; make cards; make letterhead; fliers; promotional items; or print them out and throw darts at them if you want!!! Hey, you can even say that YOU made them! Yes, yes, claim them as your own if you want! If you can make some $$$ using them then by all means DO SO! Oh, and if you do make some $$$ using them throw some my way! Just a suggestion - not mandatory if you use them! May not be the best [still in the learning phase] but hey, that's what the learning process is all about! you can get the Autumn Elements and Frames, Bow Wow, Throw Me a Bone and the Purple Raspberry by clicking on the links. Ok, for those of you that have a business, or something in that line, or are new to this blog or just don't have any common sense, if you see something on this blog that is without a doubt NOT created by me please do not use them commercially as these items are for learning purposes only. I guess I will have to post another disclaimer so I don't have to keep explaining myself! Oh, by the way, anger is not one of my personal traits although I do like a good debate every once in a while. Anger takes away to much of what type of person you truly are or can be. Sarcasm IS a personal trait of mine :P --- I do find it interesting that Anon had no real response to my earlier post except to say she would use the items and call them her own. So enough of the negativity! This will be the last response any Anon's [great acronym don't you think?] will get from me. Anywho! I'll post some more "Free to Use" items shortly. Have fun and enjoy!

Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Pregnancy and Infant Loss

I have had several requests for Pregnancy and Infant Loss and this is the kit that I have been trying to make but have been having a really difficult time with. I have been blessed with 2 beautiful kids and 2 beautiful grand kids and cannot think how it would be if I lost one of them. I searched the web to get some ideas and always stopped at some sites and started reading ... In less than a second I would start crying and feeling extremely saddened. So I apologize if this isn't what the requesters had in mind but I can't seem to bring myself to work on these items for more than 10 minutes at a time before I would start thinking about loosing one of the children in my family. But if you can use them, you can get the Pregnancy and Infant Loss items HERE.. I pray that no one has to go through this and if you have my heart and prayers are for your loss.

Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Breast Cancer Part II of II

I hope you are all having a wicked Wednesday today! Today will be the 2nd part of the Breast Cancer awareness items. You can get PART II of the kit here. I'm hoping that you can use some of the items for other pages and not just for what it was made up for. Oh, and let me know if you are looking for or want something else! Ok, gotta get going! Until I write again! Enjoy your day!!!

Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Breast Cancer I of II

Hi-dee-ho! Hope everyone is having a terrific Tuesday! Today will be part I of II of the Breast Cancer Awareness items. I went through a scare several months back. Had the mammogram twice and then had the ultrasound [is that what you call it?] and fortunately everything came back great! False alarm! Scared the crap out of me though. Anywho, here is PART I of the Breast Cancer Awareness kit. Pet Peeve: I went to get my license plates for my car and was asked if I wanted to get a license plate for Breast Cancer. It went for something like $48. Out of curiosity I asked how much actually went to the funding or research of Breast Cancer. Do you know it was something like $2!!! A normal license plate would have cost me approx. $30 - so take the $2 out that went towards the BC research ... the rest of the money went into making the plates! Uhm...I'm not a mathematician or anything...but wouldn't it make more sense if I was to get a normal plate and donated the $16 as opposed to just the $2? I see so many things like this. I know it's good for awareness and all ... but ... come on couldn't a bit more of the money go to the cause?!?!?! Ok, enough of my B&C'ing. Besides it's just one of my thoughts gone wild! Enjoy enjoy enjoy!

Monday, October 27, 2008

Halloween Card

Hi all. I was surfing around looking for some items that would match my little ones Halloween costume and voila! I came across the most perfect kit! The funny part is that the card that I "made up" is actually her preview! I loved it so much the way it was. The only thing that I did was add the bat! The site that I got this on not only has some really nice items but she also has some techniques and step-by-step instructions on how to use Photoshop in order to create items. I tried several of them out and they are really good instructions. Easy to use and understand. So, if you use Photoshop and want to learn a little more, or just want to see what she has, check it out and go to the Create4U website. I will have something in a little bit for you. Until then, enjoy your Monday!!!

Thursday, October 23, 2008

Winter Season Frames, Buttons & Eyelets

Yup, it is definitely getting colder out these days! Almost went looking for the ice scrapper for the car - then I realized that I would be taking the Hyundai this morning to drop the little one off at the babysitters. The Hyundai has a really good defroster - defrosts in about 30 seconds! Can't beat that. Well today you can get the Winter Season Frames and, if interested, the Buttons & Eyelets by clicking on the links. Ok, well I hope you are all having a wonderful day!

Wednesday, October 15, 2008

She Shell Papers

Ok, today will be the last of the s.e.a. shell items and they will consist of the papers. So, if interested you can get them HERE. I'm working on some Seuss items...although I know that I did some earlier on but can't seem to locate where they are. In either case, I will finish the ones that I am doing now and look for the ones that I'm pretty sure that I did before and post them tomorrow. Going out tonight with the hubby as it is our 4th year anniversary. Well actually the anniversary is tomorrow but he wants to celebrate it tonight because it seems that somehow the past anniversaries were a little ... well ... for lack of a better word ... ruined. I think I was really ill for one; he was ill for the other and I can't remember what happened on the 3rd one - but they never seem to go as planned. Sooo, we are trying to finagle an early anniversary and have a good night out. Just need to figure out what we are going to do. Well, I hope you all find yourself safe and happy! Enjoy the day!

Tuesday, October 14, 2008

What a beautiful Tuesday morning! Absolutely gorgeous drive into work today. We had a streaking red sky this morning - you know that kind? Brilliant red with a little streaking of blue sky mixed in with a wisp of just the right amount of clouds mixed in. It looked absolutely phenomenal above the colorful Autumn trees. Mornings like this really makes you feel alive. It's a shame that I sometimes take things for granted...such as a beautiful sky ... a deer ... a fox or even a little chipmunk. Although, I'm usually cursing at the buggers while I'm slamming on my car brakes so I don't hit them as they run across the road - and I'm SURE they DID NOT look both ways!!! Ok, enough of my ramblings [I'm finding that I'm doing that more and more]. Today there will be two different downloads. You can get the Sea Shell Frames or, if interested, the Sea Shell Brads & Stuff by clicking on the links. Until tomorrow! Breath in heavily and exhale lightly!

Monday, October 13, 2008

Sea Shells

Do you know that every time I typed Sea Shells I had to hit the back space because I was typing sheshells! Today and tomorrow will be items pertaining [yikes! pertaining? what am I thinking using a word like that!] to she shells [I'm tired of hitting the backspace...just suffice it to say when you see she shells it really means she shells ... grrrrrr... s.e.a. shells. So if you are at all interested you can get the Sea Shells HERE. Oh, and I am wondering if you noticed the text scroll to the Right >>>>>showing all previous posts. Well, not all of them as I am not done with it ... I have over 300 items and it will take a while to do it. But do you think it worth while? I think when I get time I will have it so not only when you click on it it brings you directly to the download but a picture will pop up. Or do you think that would be overkill? Please let me know if you think its a good idea or just a waste of time. Well, until then! Peace out and enjoy!

Sunday, October 12, 2008

Costume Face Fill-ins Part 3 [Last One]

I hope everyone is enjoying their weekend. You can get the last part of the Costume Face Fill-ins HERE. The little one is sleeping now so I figured I would post it today. We just came back from a Halloween Costume store and we got the little one a black kitty cat and a piggy [she liked both and I couldn't decide so both of them were bought]. Hopefully I will be able to get her in the kitty cat costume and stick her in the tree for a photoshoot! Anyways and any who ... tomorrow will be the start of something new. So until then! Enjoy and be safe!!!

Friday, October 10, 2008

Costume Face Fillins - Part Duex

Ok, I tested the link in yesterdays post after being told that it was being time out. It worked fine for me today. I was able to download it and then open it. I've noticed that the 4Shared site gets really busy and does that sometimes. All I can suggest is that if you really want something to try back at a later time. Unfortunately I cannot do anything about their bandwidth being used up causing the time outs. Today will be part 2 of 3 of the Costume Face Fill-ins and you can get them HERE. I'm hoping you don't have any issues with it today. Please let me know if you do and if you really want them we can work something out so you can get them. Enjoy your Friday!!!

Thursday, October 9, 2008

Costume Face Fillins

A little something fun today. Oh, there will be 2 other Costume Fill-Ins in the next couple of days. So, remember to look for the other two in the next couple of days! In the meantime, you can get part 1 of 3 by clicking HERE. Oh! I FINALLY donated to AIR1 yesterday. I always had some excuse or reason not to [don't have the money, time, etc. - you know, usually one of those bs or selfish excuses]. I'll give you a for instance...I was in Walmart yesterday. I always go to the clearance section and buy the little one something. Well yesterday was a little different...I looked at what I picked up and, she doesn't need this! She has enough crap (toys) already - besides Christmas is around the corner. So, I listen to their station on a daily basis and really enjoy it - it's uplifting - no swearing - or sexual innuendos. Anyways, I figure it was about time I did what I kept saying I was going to do. Sooo...anyways...I hope you are all enjoying your Thursday! Keep smiling!

Wednesday, October 8, 2008

Dirt Bike Frames

Well how the heck are ya! Doing mighty fine this rainy, overcast, dark Wednesday! Actually I really like days like today. To me it looks and feels clean, serene and comfy cozy. will be the Dirt Bike Frames. You can get them HERE if you so choose. I also have a few Dirt Bike Miscellaneous odds and ends that you can get HERE. Enjoy your Wednesday! Peace out and enjoy!!! Oh, and a great big Thank You goes out to Julie - Please, if you were looking for something different PLEASE let me know! I actually had to pick my jaw up from the floor when I got the email regarding your "tip." Your generosity is appreciated!!!

Tuesday, October 7, 2008

Dirt Bike Brads, Tags & Journals

Here are a few items regarding the Dirt Bike "series". I was going to post the frames but in all honesty I didn't like how they looked. Besides I think there were only like 6 or 7 of them and I wanted to create a bit more of them. I will be working on this [hopefully] today so that I can get them posted tomorrow. But, in the meantime, you can get some of the Dirt Bike Brads, Tags and Journals HERE. Until then...enjoy enjoy enjoy!!!

Monday, October 6, 2008

Dirt Bike Papers

Hope your Monday is going good. The next couple of days will be Dirt Bike items. Today's posting will be for the papers. Hope you like them and can use them. You can get the Dirt Bike Papers HERE. Tomorrow will be the brads and things, etc. So until then - peace out and enjoy the day!

Wednesday, October 1, 2008

A Little More Jungle Fever

Well, I broke down the other day and let the hubby talk me into buying a temperpedic bed. So far it seems to be working good - only thing is that it SMELLS!!! Unfortunately it will take a week or two for the smell to go away. Been having really bad headaches so I hope it will just a week [and not the 2!]. Ok, enough of my woes ... if interested, you can get some Jungle Fever Frames HERE. Well hope you are all doing good today - peace out and enjoy!

Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Jungle Fever BB&E's

Hey! How goes! Hopefully this Tuesday finds everyone well. Here is a little something that I whipped up for you. Hopefully you like them and can use them. Tomorrow will be some frames and then some papers. I try and put the papers in a separate download because some people don't want them and don't have the time to download them. Who wants to clog up your hard drive space with crap you don't want? Right? Ok, so if you are interested, you can get the Jungle Fever Brads, Buttons and Eyelets HERE. Again, I'm sorry for the BW posting. Not sure why after several downloads the link got bad. But I did fix it so if you wanted them you can now get them. Ok, peace out and enjoy!!!

Wednesday, September 24, 2008


I thought that I had already posted this but looking back noticed that I didn't. Today's posting will be of "sealife" items. Hope you like them and can use them for something. The hubby went to New Mexico this morning so it will be the little girl and myself for the next couple of days. I love the hubby but sometimes it is easier when he isn't around. The little one can't play one of us off against the other! Oh yes, even at a little over 2 years of age she does it! I am looking forward to when I can take her to Seaworld. Hubby and myself went there the year before she was born and had a field day. If you are interested, you can get the Sealife Itemsor the Sealife Papers by clicking on the links.

Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Autumn Leaf

Took the little girl to Kinman Farm after work last night. She wanted to have another pony ride but they only have them on the weekends. She fell in love with the 2 little squealing piggies that they have there. I goochy goochy goo'd one of the little guys and it took a little nip out of me - didn't hurt just surprised me. Duh! They do have a sign saying "Pigs Do Bite!" Maybe they should have added "Even Little Ones!" for slow people such as myself that believe that all small creatures are cute and cuddly! Got some Mums and some gourds for the front yard and will pick up 4 bales of straw today and then the corn stalks tomorrow. Hopefully I will be able to set something really nice up in the front yard. I'll also use it for a photoshot as well. It will be a daily stop on the way home [just like last year] until they close shop end of October. So, today will be something a little Autumnish. You can get the Autumn Elements and Frames and/or the Papers by clicking on the links. Happy Tuesday!

Friday, September 19, 2008

Halloween Cards

Today will be a set of Halloween Cards that I hope you like and can use. So, if interested, you can get the Halloween Cards HERE. Mmmm, thinking about it I guess they could be used as frames as well. One of the farms just opened up down the road. They get it all gussied up for Halloween with pumpkins, hay rides and such. I can't wait to take the little one there again this year. They have a small petting zoo which she absolutely adored last year. We also have a haunted hay ride a couple of miles up the other way from our house which I do believe we will be taking her on this year. I've been getting her prepared! Jumping out at her when she turns the corner or pouncing on her from the closet with hands raised, eyes crazed and hair a-flying and screaming BOO!!! She looks at me, points a bent finger at me, and cackles! What a hoot that girl is! Ok, gotta get ... peace out and enjoy!

Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Wizard of Oz

Sorry about the delay but with the weather and all I, like millions of others, have been surveying and cleaning the damage that Dear Ole Ike has caused. My family is safe so a few damaged trees, car, etc. can be overlooked. For now that is ... until the $$$ starts being spent to clean up and repair. So much for the little nest egg. But enough of my woes as I am sure there are a lot more other people that have it much worse than I. I'm counting my blessings. So, here are 4 links to the remainder of the Wizard of Oz Items. You can get the FRAMES the JOURNALS or even the MISCELLANEOUS ITEMS by clicking on the links. You can also get some papers HERE if interested. I hope everyone is well and safe.

Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Wiz Off!

Terrible play of words I know...never said that I had a sense of humor now did I. But it could be a Wiz Off since there will be several postings of the Wizard of Oz ... right? As opposed to what YOU ALL were thinking! I will most likely put in a Sealife/Seaworld in the middle of these items though. Don't want to Wiz Off anyone these days. You can get some Wizard of Oz Brads by clicking HERE. Oh, I will be taking a poll on if anyone is interested in something like Halloween cards or Christmas cards. So if you could spend a second or two and click on the answer that best suits you I would appreciate it. If you are by chance looking for a Halloween card or Christmas card to be made up and want something specific let me know and I will do my best to make it for you. Peace out and enjoy!!!

Tuesday, September 9, 2008

Wizard of Oz

I'm wondering if anyone hasn't ever seen the Wizard of Oz. I remember growing up and watching it every year. My daughter saw it for the first time last year and I guess we will do what my family used to do each year - make it a family thing and watch it every year. That would be the same as Willie Wonker and the Chocolate Factory. Oh, and does anyone remember The Incredible Mr. Limpit? Now THAT brings back memories! These were made from porcelain figures and were just to darn cute NOT to make them into something scrappable. So hopefully you like them and will use them. You can get the Wizard of Oz Letters by clicking on the link. I will have a few more things regarding The Wizard of Oz in the next couple of days. H,L & K to you all!

Monday, September 8, 2008


Hi all. This is a little different. I was going to do a few more things relating to CSI stuff but stupid me put in "crime scenes" in the search and I ended up seeing some really nasty photographs of actual crime scenes. Duh to me. So I pretty much stopped there and made up some stuff with the stuff that I had. I like being oblivious of the world outside my own little world. I mean I know it's out there ... but I don't' need to see it. So, if interested, here are some items and frames. Maybe if your little ones want to be CSI's you can use the frames and whatnot. I hope everyone is having a grand ole day. Peace out and enjoy. Oh ... sorry ... duh! Was just about to post this without having the downloads! You can get the CSI Frames and/or the CSI Misc. Items by clicking on the links.

Friday, September 5, 2008

Gobbles and Giblets Miscellaneous

As you can tell I made it through yesterday. Not sure what the heck was going on but yeeshhh! Kind of busy right now so I need to make this a quick one. If you are looking for some miscellaneous Thanksgiving items you can get them HERE. I hope everyone is having a great day and that it follows them into the weekend! Enjoy the moment that you are in and then enjoy the next one and the next one ...... in other words, enjoy your Life!

Thursday, September 4, 2008


Would that be a drink or food? Mmmm....well, having one of those days that no matter what I touch it certainly turns to poop. And yes, I had a few choice words that I kept having to hit the backspace on! So, hopefully this posting won't give me any issues ... and if it does! Well, suffice it to say! Poop on a shingle! So, if anyone is interested, you can get some Thanksgiving papers HERE. I will try and post the "miscellaneous" Thanksgiving items tomorrow. So, I hope everyone is enjoying their day. I guess Pat from Houston is now in Germany enjoying the family. Oh to have some fun and travel! Ok, peace out!

Wednesday, September 3, 2008

Gobble Gobble Gobble!

Hope everyone had a great, safe, happy weekend! Didn't really do all that much - which isn't a bad thing really. But I guess I should have done a little work around the house - blah! Anyways and anywho! Here are a few Thanksgiving frames for you! Hopefully you like them and can use them. Next will be some papers and miscellaneous items that are related to Thanksgiving. And then, of course, the other holidays that follow! So, if interested, you can get the Thanksgiving frames by clicking HERE. Peace out and enjoy the day!

Sunday, August 31, 2008


Hi all. Hope everyone is enjoying their long weekend. Have a few minutes to get something posted before the little one wakes up from her nap. So, if interested, here is the last part of the Halloween items. You can get the Halloween Miscellaneous Items HERE if you want them. I think the next items will have to do with Thanksgiving. Oh, and I did find a few other Halloween items that I will most likely end up doing in the next couple of weeks. Ok...enjoy the remainder of your weekend!

Friday, August 29, 2008

Spooktacular Weekend!

I hope everyone has a great weekend! Here is a little something that I hope you like and can use. It is the 2nd & 3rd part [of a 4-parter?] of the Halloween items. Of course, it doesn't mean that I won't come up with something else right before or after Halloween. So, if interested, you can get the Halloween Papers
HERE and/or the Halloween Frames HERE. Have a safe and fun weekend!

Thursday, August 28, 2008

Boo-tiful Days!

I realize it's a little early and all ... but better early than never! So in the next couple of days there will be a few Halloween items posted. Although I'm sure there are some really nice kits out there I hope you can use these. I have yet to figure out what the little girl is going to be. The hubby says that it's time for the little one to figure out what she wants to be. So I guess we will be going to Halloween Express and letting her pick out her own costume. Only thing is is that we have to be careful about what size to get her. Last year she grew out of 3 costumes before Halloween!!! And she is really chunking out the last week so I know a growth spurt is coming on. So, anyboo! If at all interested, you can get some Halloween Brads HERE. Hope everyone is ok and behaving [or just not getting caught anyways!]

Friday, July 18, 2008

Purple Raspberry

I am officially a grandma the 2nd time around! A little baby girl 7lbs 10 oz! My son sent me some pictures right after the delivery and OMGosh!!! What a beauty!! Now if they would only figure out what the name will be!!! So, here is something a little girlish and perhaps even a little tomboyish! I like the colors and hopefully you will to. If interested, you can get the Purple Raspberry kit by clicking on the link. The TOS for this kit is as follows: do as you please! If you use it commercially and make a HUGE profit from using it ... well, yeah, sure ... send some my way ! Oh, the total for the clicking of the ads to date is $20.16! Thank you! I actually have a very past due bill that I am going to put this towards when it gets to a certain point. Yeah, it's one of those that is about 5 years old and I have been nickeling and diming to death in order to pay it off. We ALL know about THOSE types of bills! Again, thank you for your time in clicking and I hope that you all have a glorious weekend!!! Now to go and schedule a trip to see my granddaughters!!!

Thursday, July 17, 2008

Pink Lemonade or Yellow if You Prefer!

Here is a little something that will hopefully be refreshing on a hot summer's day. My choice would be for the pink lemonade ... don't much know why but I prefer it. Sweeter perhaps? So, if you are at all interested you can get the Pink Lemonade items HERE. Oh oh oh!!! My 2nd granddaughter will be born this Friday!!! Although I won't be able to see her until early to mid August. But I told my DIL that I expect to be the only grandma there to spend with my two little granddaughter girls. I don't know if I will be taking my little one or not. Kinda up in the air about that one. I want them to know each other and my oldest granddaughter is only 3 months younger than my daughter. I just don't know if my little one will get jealous of me holding the baby. Ahhh decisions decisions. Well, gotta go ... oh, and thank you for clicking on the ads! It's much appreciated! Peace out and enjoy!