Wednesday, October 15, 2008

She Shell Papers

Ok, today will be the last of the s.e.a. shell items and they will consist of the papers. So, if interested you can get them HERE. I'm working on some Seuss items...although I know that I did some earlier on but can't seem to locate where they are. In either case, I will finish the ones that I am doing now and look for the ones that I'm pretty sure that I did before and post them tomorrow. Going out tonight with the hubby as it is our 4th year anniversary. Well actually the anniversary is tomorrow but he wants to celebrate it tonight because it seems that somehow the past anniversaries were a little ... well ... for lack of a better word ... ruined. I think I was really ill for one; he was ill for the other and I can't remember what happened on the 3rd one - but they never seem to go as planned. Sooo, we are trying to finagle an early anniversary and have a good night out. Just need to figure out what we are going to do. Well, I hope you all find yourself safe and happy! Enjoy the day!

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