Saturday, February 9, 2008

Bow Wow

How many parents have jumped up and down with joy because their child has finally pooped without their knowledge? Well I'm one of 'em. Some of you are most likely rereading the above sentence to make sure you read it right...well, you did. Finally! The 3rd day that my little girl has gone poop without a sound. No stiffening of her body, no horrific look on her beautiful face, and no screaming in shear agony. We tried everything you can possibly think of and we finally broke down and got the Miralax for her. I only give her 1/2 the dosage that she requires and it's working like a charm. Although I did mess up and started giving it to her in her night time bottle. If you ever have to use the stuff make sure you don't take it at night. You will never get any sleep - works better than caffeine because the little girl did not sleep at all. I felt so bad because you could see she was exhausted and wanted to sleep, but just couldn't. But hey, she's pooping fine now! Ok, sorry about the poop talk. Will try and not let it happen again. But I had to share the joy with ya all! Ok, so the reason you come to this blog ... here is a dog kit that I think is different from the other dog kit from several posts ago. If you're at all interested in it you can DOWNLOAD HERE. Ok, gotta get some sleep. Hope you are all doing good.
Being a bit lazy these days. I want to share a site I found last September that I think you will really like. You will find some really adorable tags, paper, journals, toppers, etc. on it. I made a small preview of her work so that you can see some of what she has to offer. As you can see she has pixies, bears, frogs, pigs, babies, dolls and ohhh so much more! Please read her Terms of Use found on her site. She also has directions on how to save her work so that you can use it for your personal scrapbooking lo. Check it out by going to CUTE COLORS. And no, I don't know who Grace Lee is [the creator] so there is nothing in it for me by you going to this site - just thought you would appreciate her awesome talent. I think what I love the most about her work is that she touches upon different aspects. Meaning she doesn't just have blonde girls in her designs. She ranges from black haired to blonde to redheads, as well as, Black/African American to Asian[?] to White/Caucasion. Yes, I'm trying to be politically correct so that I don't offend anyone! Oh, and she even touches upon special needs. How many artists/sites do that?!?! So, until I go to the office and get the kit that I already made or until I make up something new, check out the site as I am sure you will enjoy it! Hope everyone is having a great weekend! Peace Out!

Friday, February 8, 2008

Color Generator

Was a bit under the weather today so I decided to stay home from work today. I guess the good thing about staying home today was I did my Federal and State Income Tax, along with getting the bills paid - well, some of them anyways. Does anyone actually get all the bills paid? And if you do, please don't tell me!!! I might get a tad bit jealous! The unfortunate part of staying home today is that I left the zipped file that I was going to post today at work. I just didn't have the umph to play around with Photoshop today. I did find a link that I had in my IE Favorites that you might like and may find useful. It's a neat little color generator that when you put in a color it shows you what colors compliment it or contrast with it. Not to worry, you don't have to download anything - it will do it on this site. If you're at all interested you can Click Here to go to the website. Until tomorrow! Enjoy your night!

Thursday, February 7, 2008

The Cats Meow

Hi all, been a tad bit busy lately. Been a lot going on here so I just had time to make up the post that I have today. I'm really not done with it as there are so many different things you can do with a pet layout that I will be doing a few more items. I will try and make them as different as possible. I don't know if you guys have noticed but I will usually leave a template in the "kit" so that you can add whatever element you want in it. For example, the pet tags - you can add your own saying, design or picture. If you find that I come close to making something you like ... but juuustttt don't hit the mark please let me know. I'll try and implement it in the next one. I hope everyone is doing good and have some peace of mind. So, if you are interested in the cat kit you can Download Here. Enjoy and Peace out!

Tuesday, February 5, 2008

Mish Mash

Ok. I'm an idiot! So I don't know my geometry. I mean my geology. Wait a sec! My Geography!!! Yeah yeah ... ok ok ... duh to me. LMAO. Yes, as so lovingly pointed out New Mexico is indeed in the US. Ok I'm a chuckle head. Don't know what I was thinking. You want to know what the really sad part of all this is? If there was enough room on the jpg of yesterdays post I would have put Alaska and Hawaii on it as well! I will have to blame my little girl for this loss of intelligence. I used to have, or at least what I thought was, a decent IQ. But I lost it during the pregnancy and just never found it again! Well, I have been getting things back into shape again and am almost there. Did a few little things last night that hopefully you like and can use at some point. It's a little mish mash of things - as you can tell lately, my mind is a mush! So if you are at all interest, you can DOWNLOAD HERE. I will be posting some of my earlier stuff later today for those that are interested or new to this blog. Until then - Enjoy enjoy enjoy!!!

Monday, February 4, 2008

License Plates

Ahh yes, been banned again!!! This post is the only one that the link will work. None of the previous posts will as the 4Shared account that the items are on has been banned! Not to worry! I will get them up and running in a day or two so please check back. Though shalt not bring me down!!! Here are some license plates that were requested. I'm pretty sure that I got every state, including Alaska, Hawaii, New Mexico and Canada. I could not believe how many plates there are for one state! I got anywhere between 2-3 plates per state. These license plates are blank so you can put your own words, letters or numbers on them. Something like "Our Trip" or "Going Home" or even something that's more original! So, if you're interested you can DOWNLOAD HERE. The site where I got these stated that they were free to download just the he/she would appreciate a link back to the site. There were so many different plates that I couldn't download them all so you may want to check it out and see if I didn’t miss one that you really like. You can go to this site by clicking HERE. Oh, by the way, I won at poker the other night...well actually it got to be around 3:30a.m. and it was between Jim and myself so we kinda split it up by percentage [I had about 75% of the chips!]. So I went home with $75 ... well ... minus the $10 By-in ... and money chipped in for pizza ... Ok... so I really went home with $55. Still gotta love it! Ok now, peace out and hope everyone is having a great day today! Enjoy! Oh, and Anne from Alamo ... after travelling with 4 kids in a Minivan with a Uhaul ... You best send pictures of yourself during your travels! hee hee....