Saturday, February 2, 2008

Unoriginally Created by ME!

Come one! Come all! Download something that is totally originally unoriginal! Ahh crapola! Mmmm, I guess the other kits that I thought that I ever so lovingly sat before my computer and "created" weren't really created by me. Mmmm, since others have done Easter kits such as this I guess this kit is totally unoriginal and I therefore must have copied someone elses work! here it is: If you feel the need to bitch and complain let me give you something that I feel is actually worthy of bitching and complaining: 1. The rape of a child and/or adult; 2. A missing child; 3. The devestation that a tornado/hurricane reaps; 4. The death of a loved one; 5. A heart attack; 6. Cancer; 7. A (&@$&^ toothache ... and the list goes on. So please, if you feel the need to tell someone that they are doing something wrong, please tell it to a rapist; a child molestor; a kidnapper; yell at the heavens for all the devestation a tornado or hurricane does; shake your finger at the person behind the drivers wheel that ran a stop sign and killed or paralyzed an innocent pedestrian; get on your soap box and preach to the doctors who do unnecessary surgeries........... So, if you want to download an Easter Kit that I thought was original [but I am told isn't!] please feel to DOWNLOAD HERE. Oh, if you don't like what I do on this site or find it offensive or disagreeable in any way, shape or form, please FEEL FREE NOT TO COME BACK TO IT!!! Mmmm...looks like shrinks know what they are talking about - that felt GOOD to get off my chest!!! Hope everyone [yeah, even the Anons] is having a great day!

Friday, February 1, 2008

Travel Signs

This is just a recap of what was done a while ago. I haven't had time to actually do anything but wanted to get something posted. Going out tonight with the Hubby! Wow, can't say that often. Just going over some friends house and playing a little friendly poker. Well, I need to get ready to go home and get ready to go out! I will have a new post tomorrow - mmmm, I think it will be original ... but hey, you never know! Apparently nothing I do is original!!! And here I thought I was actually doing pretty good learning Photoshop! Yeesh! Ok, every one have a great weekend and be safe! You can DOWNLOAD HERE if you want them - I think there are over 140 different signs. Keep smiling - even if you want to throttle someone!!!

Wednesday, January 30, 2008

Stuff, Stuffed and more Stuffing!

Eh, not to worry - different items. It's amazing how many people get you stuffed animals when they think you collect them. I have a gazzillion +1 stuffed animals. Most are stuffed in a plastic bag at this time. Except for the ones the little girl found and has to have. Sorry I haven't been around - in an odd type of mood. I think I'm snapping out of it so all should be well. Didn't get picked for Jury Duty so I should be around a little bit more. I have so much work to do that I better get back to it! Hope you enjoy these! They are just a few of the ones I have. If you want, you can DOWNLOAD HERE. Trying to think of another kit I can make - any suggestions? Hope all is well, and enjoy the day!

Sunday, January 27, 2008

Throw me a Bone!

I just wanted to get something posted just in case I don't have time to do it tomorrow. So just consider this tomorrows posting! I get the impression that I will not be able to post anything tomorrow because of Jury Duty - and by the time I get home I will want to spend time with the little girl and hubby. Not sure how long I will be on it or if they will send me home. Believe me, I don't mind being on jury duty at all - comes with the territory of being a U.S. Citizen. Do other country's have Jury Duty? Or do they do it differently? Mmmm Ok, well here is a little something I did - was just having a little fun. If you're interested you can DOWNLOAD HERE if you want it. I am working with some Backyardigans which are pretty fun. It will most likely take me a day or two to finish up with them since I don't seem to have any time these days.

Alphas and Numbers

I am trying different things and thought that I would play around with making some alphabets and numbers. I think they sorta look like the Magic 8-Ball. Oh come on now! Well, ok...if you have a huge imagination you can somewhat see it ... right? Ok, now ... just lie to me! I'm trying to learn how to do "glitter" or "sparkly" items but can't seem to get it right. Again, I'm most likely missing a few steps - so if anyone out there knows how to do it let me know, or send me in the right direction. Hopefully you guys like the alpha/numbers and can use them. You can DOWNLOAD HERE if you're interested. Well, I guess I should get to bed. Sweet dreams to you all.