Monday, June 23, 2008

A Sad Note

Kes, my baby boy cat, passed away yesterday. He was a black and white kitty that had double-paws on all four feet and weighed about 18 pounds. He has been sick for the past couple of weeks so it wasn't a surprise for him to pass. I just need to share this so please bear with me. He had been sleeping on the staircase landing for the past couple of days and yesterday he climbed the stairs and laid underneath the bed on my side. Yesterday was a beautiful day and hubby and myself were enjoying it by swimming with the little girl and pa-paw. Out of no where the sky shifted from a clear blue sky to dark clouds. It started sprinkling and you could hear thunder. So we decided to get out of the pool and go inside. I went up to see Kes and to make sure that he was comfortable and ok. I laid on the ground and placed my hand on his stomach and pet him. I don't know how to explain it because the sensation was odd, but his body jolted, but it wasn't a spasm or anything. I knew that he passed right then. All I could do was hold him and rock him while I sat on the floor crying. Hubby and the little girl came up to see what happened. My beautiful little princess looked at Kes and knew something was out of sorts. I thought that I would be upset that hubby brought her in the room when he should have known what was going on but for whatever reason I wasn't. I told her that Kes was gone and that I was crying because I would miss him so much. That he would be able to see his brother WeaselDog. I was surprised when she looked at Kes and said Bye bye to him. I wrapped my baby boy in one of my shirts and hubby got a box that we could put him in comfortably. I went out to the side of the house and started digging his grave under the grape barber. The sun was shining. Yes, I do believe it was an omen that cast the clouds over us, making me go into the house, and allowing me to be there for Kes on his last breath. Because, honestly, I think that was what the "jolt" was. Me, I'm grateful that I could have been there for him. I'm grateful for what I have in my life, what I have had in my life and what I will have in my life in the future. My baby boy Kes may be physically gone but he will never be gone from my heart. Thank you for listening and letting me go on. I appreciate it. Now that I have depressed some of you, if at all interested, you can get some Pokemon Items and Pokemon Papers by clicking on the links.