Friday, June 13, 2008


Hi all. Samantha requested some Autism items and I thought that I would make a few. My nephew, Bobby, is autistic. My sister has started a new regiment with probiotics with high vitamin C and stuff like that and you should see the difference in him! Not saying that will work for all autistic persons but it appears to be helping out with Bobby. He is an unbelievable beautiful little boy! Such bright blue eyes! And when he smiles he could charm the pants off the devil! Although...he has that devilish look sometimes and you KNOW something is about to happen. My sister has 4 kids and believe me she has her hands full! So, if anyone out there is interested, you can get the Autism Items by clicking on the link. Well I took my first swim in the pool last night and was looking forward to swimming tonight! But the rain, thunder and lightening have other plans for me! Hope everyone enjoys their weekend!

Thursday, June 12, 2008

Going to the Zoo!

I can't wait! Took next Monday and Tuesday off from work. I will be taking the little one to the Cincinnati Zoo. They have a new exhibit where you can feed the giraffes! The hubby will be away for a week and I thought it would be nice to spend the day with the little one goofing off. So, on that note, I made up a few zoo items. There are some zoo logos which I most likely didn't get all of them [there are quite a few zoo's out there!]. I think the zoo I like best is in Massachusetts, it's called the Southwick Zoo. It is privately owned and really fun. They have an area where deer run around and come up to you and you can feed them. You can get closer to the animals than any other zoo I have been to - that includes Zebras, Elephants, Monkeys, etc. If you are ever in MA you should check it out. They have a totally white peacock as well! Anyways, if interested, you can get the Zoo Items and 9 Zoo Papers by clicking on the links.