Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Stamps a Stamping

I think one of the prettiest things around these days are in the form of stamps. Although I'm not to crazy about the way the pricing keeps going up on them. What? Next month it will be going up again. Mmmm ... I was going to say something really mean and sarcastic but hell, I wouldn't want to deal with the people that Postal Personnel deal with on a daily basis! Would you? No way. Dealing with irate people waiting for checks and dogs barking and/or biting you, or heaven forbid! That housewife [househusband?] that just wants to chat all day about their problems! So, for all those people that work for the USPS! Thank you for dealing with them and getting me my mail! So, here are just a few of the stamps that I thought were neat. If you are interested you can Download Here. You can go to if you want to see what else they have. They have a collectors site and stuff like that. Ok, gotta get going for now. Been really busy and I haven’t even read my mail or anything so please don’t think I am ignoring you! I should be able to get to it this weekend. But until then … Peace Out and enjoy a beautiful day!

Monday, April 14, 2008

A Farming We Will Go

Hope everyone had a great weekend! I rented a jackhammer Sunday morning and tore up some concrete! Oddly enough I LOVED it! We needed to take out some concrete surrounding the pool in order to put in part of the French drain. I was going to do it by hand but after hammering the crap out of a section and nothing happened [only chipped a tiny bit] I decided to rent the darn thing. Thank goodness I did! Some of the concrete was over a foot thick! It was only supposed to be a couple of inches! Well, needless to say that section of it is done. Ok, here are a few farming items. They are mostly farm equipment but have some odds and ends in it. I was going to work on some Curious George things today but my hands are killing me and I forgot to bring them into work with me. So I might have to work on something different today when I get a chance. But anyways! I need to know! How are you free Pat? They finally gave you the "word"? Woo Hooo! If only I would get "the word." Mmmmm ... that would be pretty nice ... right before the summer. Time to spend with the little girl! Oh, yeah, dreams ... aren't they nice? Unfortunately I have to work in order to pay the bills - but hey, I'm not the only one that has to do it so I will stop B&C'ing. Ok, if anyone is at all interested you can Download Here if you want the pictured items. Until tomorrow! Enjoy!!!