Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Wiz Off!

Terrible play of words I know...never said that I had a sense of humor now did I. But it could be a Wiz Off since there will be several postings of the Wizard of Oz ... right? As opposed to what YOU ALL were thinking! I will most likely put in a Sealife/Seaworld in the middle of these items though. Don't want to Wiz Off anyone these days. You can get some Wizard of Oz Brads by clicking HERE. Oh, I will be taking a poll on if anyone is interested in something like Halloween cards or Christmas cards. So if you could spend a second or two and click on the answer that best suits you I would appreciate it. If you are by chance looking for a Halloween card or Christmas card to be made up and want something specific let me know and I will do my best to make it for you. Peace out and enjoy!!!

Tuesday, September 9, 2008

Wizard of Oz

I'm wondering if anyone hasn't ever seen the Wizard of Oz. I remember growing up and watching it every year. My daughter saw it for the first time last year and I guess we will do what my family used to do each year - make it a family thing and watch it every year. That would be the same as Willie Wonker and the Chocolate Factory. Oh, and does anyone remember The Incredible Mr. Limpit? Now THAT brings back memories! These were made from porcelain figures and were just to darn cute NOT to make them into something scrappable. So hopefully you like them and will use them. You can get the Wizard of Oz Letters by clicking on the link. I will have a few more things regarding The Wizard of Oz in the next couple of days. H,L & K to you all!

Monday, September 8, 2008


Hi all. This is a little different. I was going to do a few more things relating to CSI stuff but stupid me put in "crime scenes" in the search and I ended up seeing some really nasty photographs of actual crime scenes. Duh to me. So I pretty much stopped there and made up some stuff with the stuff that I had. I like being oblivious of the world outside my own little world. I mean I know it's out there ... but I don't' need to see it. So, if interested, here are some items and frames. Maybe if your little ones want to be CSI's you can use the frames and whatnot. I hope everyone is having a grand ole day. Peace out and enjoy. Oh ... sorry ... duh! Was just about to post this without having the downloads! You can get the CSI Frames and/or the CSI Misc. Items by clicking on the links.