Friday, July 18, 2008

Purple Raspberry

I am officially a grandma the 2nd time around! A little baby girl 7lbs 10 oz! My son sent me some pictures right after the delivery and OMGosh!!! What a beauty!! Now if they would only figure out what the name will be!!! So, here is something a little girlish and perhaps even a little tomboyish! I like the colors and hopefully you will to. If interested, you can get the Purple Raspberry kit by clicking on the link. The TOS for this kit is as follows: do as you please! If you use it commercially and make a HUGE profit from using it ... well, yeah, sure ... send some my way ! Oh, the total for the clicking of the ads to date is $20.16! Thank you! I actually have a very past due bill that I am going to put this towards when it gets to a certain point. Yeah, it's one of those that is about 5 years old and I have been nickeling and diming to death in order to pay it off. We ALL know about THOSE types of bills! Again, thank you for your time in clicking and I hope that you all have a glorious weekend!!! Now to go and schedule a trip to see my granddaughters!!!

Thursday, July 17, 2008

Pink Lemonade or Yellow if You Prefer!

Here is a little something that will hopefully be refreshing on a hot summer's day. My choice would be for the pink lemonade ... don't much know why but I prefer it. Sweeter perhaps? So, if you are at all interested you can get the Pink Lemonade items HERE. Oh oh oh!!! My 2nd granddaughter will be born this Friday!!! Although I won't be able to see her until early to mid August. But I told my DIL that I expect to be the only grandma there to spend with my two little granddaughter girls. I don't know if I will be taking my little one or not. Kinda up in the air about that one. I want them to know each other and my oldest granddaughter is only 3 months younger than my daughter. I just don't know if my little one will get jealous of me holding the baby. Ahhh decisions decisions. Well, gotta go ... oh, and thank you for clicking on the ads! It's much appreciated! Peace out and enjoy!

Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Monster Trucks

Is there a difference between Monster Trucks and Monster Jam? I got a request for this a while ago and I thought that I had posted them. So, I'm really sorry that I missed his 4th of July Birthday! Hopefully they can still be used. If interested, you can get the Monster Trucks HERE. Any ideas on what to do next? Something a little different? I can do the trains but I'm not sure what sbs stands for ... and I'm kinda hoping sids means something different than what I'm thinking it does. Any insight on this would be appreciated. Remember, I can sometimes be slow and need a little assistance!!! Ok, gotta get going...peace out and enjoy the day!

Monday, July 14, 2008


My little one swam all by herself Friday! Well, she had a flotation vest on ... but she was all over the pool like a mermaid!!! I had to run and get the camcorder because I figured no one would believe us when we told them. She even got on my back as I was swimming, stood up and jumped off of me! I looked at the hubby and stuttered ... did she just? ...did she? and he replied with a big grin "Yup! She jumped off your back!" The good thing is that she doesn't dare just jump in the pool by herself. We are constantly on guard about that and tell her not to even lean in to get something out of the pool. Yes, yes, I am a proud mommy! Ok, well, something a little different today. Just a few papers that you may, or may not, be able to use. Now the galaxy papers are actually of nebula's but I just got to typing galaxy and never changed it. So, if interested, you can get Galaxy Papers or Red Papers or Nature Papers by clicking on the links. May the Swartz be with you!