Saturday, December 13, 2008

New Addition to Our Family!!!

Well, I again have been sick. Seems that I can't get a break sometimes...but that comes with the territory I guess. So, even though my head was swimming every time I stood up we went to the pound and my little one picked out the new addition to our family! His name is Bear. Although the way he lounges around I'm starting to think that we should have named him Lump. He is supposed to be a Beagle Husky mix. I chuckled at that one. Don't really see the husky in him but only time will tell. So, now here is the real kicker! A month or so before I found out I was pregnant with my little girl we adopted our little kittens, Renfield and Vladimir from the pound. Well ... hey, sometimes lightening does strike twice! Hope all is well and have a great weekend.

Monday, December 8, 2008

Gingerbread Dress Up

Sorry, haven't been on for the past couple of days. Been extremely busy with the holidays so close. I haven't even gone shopping for the little one!!! I have taken the next two days off from work so I will hopefully get what I need for her, finish decorating the tree, etc..... Today is a little dress up for a Gingerbread "person". If you are interested you can get it HERE. I forgot to put the TOU in the zip file so please use them as you want. Until then, peace out, be safe and enjoy!!!