Wednesday, February 20, 2008

A Magical Place

And this is why I start getting things organized in my mind well in advance! I drive my husband, family and friends nuts because I start something, change gears, do it totally different, change gears again...and on and on and on. But I know that I do this and that's why I do things early on. Ok, I love anything with puppets and muppets. As does the little girl. She loves the Sprites and I happen to love looking at Johnny. I'm married, not dead! And yes, I realize he is a tad bit younger than I am. Nothing wrong with fantasizing. I'm married to someone that is a little over 6 years younger than me. So I am thinking about doing her 2nd birthday with this theme. It's fun, magical and has a colorful twist to it that you can use any color within the theme and get away with it. Doesn't mean that I will not change my mind...but I think I might stick with this theme ... than again... might not. I swear Disney's Celebration Center just gives you way to many options. If you haven't checked out their website you really should - it's really neat. They have a lot of great free downloads that you can use. Anyways, let me know what you think of the Johnny and the Sprites theme items that I did - you can DOWNLOAD HERE to get a better look. Remember to use the password found to the right of this blog.

Monday, February 18, 2008

Kit by Andrea

Hi again, I received an email from Andrea who has created her first kit and has asked if I could post it on this blog. From what she has stated everything is original except that the papers were made using overlays created by Shauna Burke-Smith at Pineapple Plantation designs. Not exactly sure what that means but Andrea asked that I mention it. Please leave Andrea some really nice comments as this is her first kit and she did a great job! Plus, she said that she didn't plan on making anymore and if we all leave her some hugs, love and yes, even some kisses! she may change her mind and create another one! They are not in "zip" format and she has them compressed into rar files. Not a problem! Just Download WinRar. After installing WinRar you can get her kit by Downloading Kit Here. There are 21 papers, 20 elements, and 2 word arts in her kit.

Red Hat Society

Hi all. I received a request from someone that was in the Red Hat Society. I would like to thank EH a/k/a Viscountess of Discountess for asking me to do this. I hope she doesn't mind, but I want to share a part of what she emailed me as I found the "society" rather intriguing: "...I am a member of the "Red Hat Society", a group that was formed ten years ago to celebrate women over fifty. We dress in purple when we go out, with a red hat and lots of Bling. Each chapter has a queen. The other members of the group can choose a royal non-queen name. Different chapters do different things. The website tells the whole story. At the recent conference in Vegas, thousands of women, dressed in full regalia, performed a can-can on the strip attempting to break the Guinness Book of World's Records listing. Women younger than fifty can be pink hatters and wear lavendar clothing. We go to plays, teas, champagne breakfasts (in our purple pjs and red caps or bandanas). It is a wonderful organization that encourages older women to "live, love, laugh". Many of us have become "sisters" in a very real way. It is called a "disorganization" because we shun requirements, but many chapters have a historian to record the fun...." Now come on ladies! Who wouldn't want to do all this?!?!?! I hope the kit I made is up to their caliber and that they find it fun. If you are all interested, you can DOWNLOAD HERE. Peace out and enjoy your day!