Saturday, March 8, 2008

Treat from Andrea!!!

Ok, I'll try this again. We have been getting hammered with snow and have gotten well over a foot so far. So before my satellite up and gets to much snow on it and I lose internet connection again. We have a treat from Andrea! Remember Andrea? She made up the Strawberry Shortcake kit several postings ago. Well, she made these cute Micky Mouse buttons to go with all the Disney stuff that has been done. Adorable aren't they?!? I think I will be doing something Toy Storyish and Spyish [if you have any idea on some kids spy/international spy things, please let me know!]. Ok let's get this posted before I lose it again! You can Download MM Buttons here and, if interested, the Dinosaurs Here. Ok, hope you are all having a wonderful weekend!!! Oh, by the way, I have been having email issues so if I have not answered you I apologize.

Monday, March 3, 2008

Our Heroes - Part 2

Here is a story you guys may find enjoyable. I say this because I would laugh if someone told me that this happened to them. I didn't much think it was funny last night though....Ok, the little girl got up around 10:00pm last night in a really funky mood, cranky and had a mean looking rash [1st "diaper" rash she ever had]. So I took her out of her crib and brought her into my bedroom. The hubby, little girl and myself were laying on the bed when I heard this really odd noise...yeah, you most likely know what noise I am referring to ... the one you hear right before they throw up all over you. Well, I was laying on my tummy, she was standing over me and ... BLAHHHH!!! She ended up throwing up alllll over my head, shoulders and back! I tell you, kids are lucky we love them unconditionally. Because if my husband ever did that I think I would go out and actually buy a rolling pin just to bonk him on the head. So, the little one and myself did a little jaunt to the bathroom, took a shower together and put new pjs on while Daddy changed the sheets, pillow cases, etc. You notice that the daddy didn't get puked on [why is that?!?!?]. After that I put her back to bed and she finally fell asleep. Ok, just for you "new" parents out there, or even for the ones that have little girls and never used this product...we found that the Crayola bathtub fizzies caused her to get the "rash" in her nether regions which caused her a great deal of pain. She LOVES the Crayola bathtub crayons though...and they don't bother her at all. She hates the Crayola bathtub paints. I think it's because it feels and looks like soft gel - and you can't really paint with them at all. Anyways! Here is another posting for Our Heroes with some Red Cross, Marines, and such. If interested, you can download them HERE.