Friday, September 19, 2008

Halloween Cards

Today will be a set of Halloween Cards that I hope you like and can use. So, if interested, you can get the Halloween Cards HERE. Mmmm, thinking about it I guess they could be used as frames as well. One of the farms just opened up down the road. They get it all gussied up for Halloween with pumpkins, hay rides and such. I can't wait to take the little one there again this year. They have a small petting zoo which she absolutely adored last year. We also have a haunted hay ride a couple of miles up the other way from our house which I do believe we will be taking her on this year. I've been getting her prepared! Jumping out at her when she turns the corner or pouncing on her from the closet with hands raised, eyes crazed and hair a-flying and screaming BOO!!! She looks at me, points a bent finger at me, and cackles! What a hoot that girl is! Ok, gotta get ... peace out and enjoy!

Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Wizard of Oz

Sorry about the delay but with the weather and all I, like millions of others, have been surveying and cleaning the damage that Dear Ole Ike has caused. My family is safe so a few damaged trees, car, etc. can be overlooked. For now that is ... until the $$$ starts being spent to clean up and repair. So much for the little nest egg. But enough of my woes as I am sure there are a lot more other people that have it much worse than I. I'm counting my blessings. So, here are 4 links to the remainder of the Wizard of Oz Items. You can get the FRAMES the JOURNALS or even the MISCELLANEOUS ITEMS by clicking on the links. You can also get some papers HERE if interested. I hope everyone is well and safe.