Saturday, February 9, 2008

Being a bit lazy these days. I want to share a site I found last September that I think you will really like. You will find some really adorable tags, paper, journals, toppers, etc. on it. I made a small preview of her work so that you can see some of what she has to offer. As you can see she has pixies, bears, frogs, pigs, babies, dolls and ohhh so much more! Please read her Terms of Use found on her site. She also has directions on how to save her work so that you can use it for your personal scrapbooking lo. Check it out by going to CUTE COLORS. And no, I don't know who Grace Lee is [the creator] so there is nothing in it for me by you going to this site - just thought you would appreciate her awesome talent. I think what I love the most about her work is that she touches upon different aspects. Meaning she doesn't just have blonde girls in her designs. She ranges from black haired to blonde to redheads, as well as, Black/African American to Asian[?] to White/Caucasion. Yes, I'm trying to be politically correct so that I don't offend anyone! Oh, and she even touches upon special needs. How many artists/sites do that?!?! So, until I go to the office and get the kit that I already made or until I make up something new, check out the site as I am sure you will enjoy it! Hope everyone is having a great weekend! Peace Out!


Snowy said...

Great site! thanks :)

Jonni, John & Sofia said...

I just love her site! Thank you for mentioning it. I have a daughter adopted from China who had a special need (cleft palate and cleft lip) that has since been fixed, but I always have a soft spot for people who consider these minority groups. I have purchased a few things from her.You are fab as usual and thanks for all that you do. :)


Anonymous said...

I love this site....she has so many cute graphics! :)