Thursday, April 10, 2008

Dress Up

Just a little something [and I do mean a little!] that I've been playing around with. Some of the sizes may be a little off but hopefully you all can manipulate them to fit to your liking. I was going to do jewelry and the like for them but I'm not sure if I like 'em that much to spend more time on them. I may try doing it again but with different items. I just needed to do something a little different. I really liked doing the "odd" requests. Like the Red Hat Society and the others like that ... something different. Some of the requests I have gotten are quite different [and difficult] and I am trying to work on gathering stuff for them. So if anyone has something out of the ordinary please let me know! But I figured what they hay! If Potato Head was a hit let's try this. So if you are at all interested you can DOWNLOAD HERE if you want the Dress Up items. Oh, and the little one has something called Intra Virus, or something like that. Doc says it’s basically due to the “season.” I tell ya, for a breast feed baby she sure gets sick a lot. I thought that was supposed to be one of the pros about breast feeding. Mmmmm. I was going to say I may think twice about breast feeding next time … STOP! I’m almost 43! What am I thinking!!! Next time? Whoaaaaa! Pull the reins on that darn horse! Well, hope you are all in good health! Peace out!


Maria said...

Thank you! Your blog post will be advertised on the DigiFree Digital Scrapbooking Freebie search engine today.

Liel said...

Can't wait to play with it. THANKS! Hope your little one will feel better soon. have a nice weekend. Hugs Liel

cindiaskew said...

so unique, looks like fun fun fun
can't wait to unzip & play. tyfs