Monday, March 31, 2008

Money Money Money

Don't you wish you had just a tad bit more of it! It's a shame that everything is so expensive these days. For example...remember when Legos were $19.99 for 500 pieces? Now it costs you $75 for 50 pieces. And you have to build what THEY want you to! Or better yet! When scrapbooking was a "fad" and was inexpensive? Now it could cost you well over $100 to do a few pages using material items. I mean, come on now! Oh oh oh!!! Remember when you had 13 channels on your television and it cost you nothing to watch it - maybe some rabbit ears and a little aluminum foil if the ears were acting up. Ok, NOW I'm REALLY dating myself! Mmmm, I wonder if anyone actually asks someone if they "can spare a dime" anymore. Most likely NOT. It would be more like ... hey buddy, can you spare $5 - and that wouldn't even buy you a damn cup of coffee anymore! Sorry for not posting earlier. I think I've gotten into a lazy mode lately. But here are some US coins that I thought you may [or may not] be able to use. I think it's neat that each state has their own coin. Actually when they first did it I thought it was pretty ridiculous ... but now, hey, it's kinda neat. And it may help the kids learn how many states and what their names are in the USofA. So, if you are interested, you can Download Here. Peace out! And save those coins!!! You never know when they will come in handy!

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Maria said...

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