Tuesday, January 22, 2008


Eh, let's just stay stuffed animals! Hope everyone is have a good day today. Woke up this morning to a dead fish [you know, one of the ones I just bought]. I have it in the car in a zip lock baggy with some water so I can return it and get a new one. Oh, and I had to shovel the snow off the car before going to work! Have about an inch and a half and it's still snowing!!! Yee Haaa!!! Slid down the driveway a little! But hey, I made it to work. Anywayzzzz, I think I'm going to try and make a "mini valentine kit" so look for it in the next couple of days. Ok, let me know what you think of these: PNG Stuffed Animals and PSD Stuffed Animals. Oh, and Pat from Houston! Download the right one this time! It's the 1st download! Hee hee :)


Carla said...

Just want to tell you how much I appreciate your website and all that you do. I always enjoy coming to your website and you are very talented - Keep up the amazing work! :)

Jody said...

Super work your doing. Love them all. Can't wait to see you mini Valentine kit. I am sure it will be something I can use to make Valentines for my little grandson to hand out.

Scrapbook fun said...

I think that person is going to far. you make your own work, see you dont alter the photos at all, so technically its okay. plus there are a million people that do this. what are they going bust them all come on, people have more things to worry about. plus if someone got offended by now they would of said something. you are the best person I know so far on this digifree with the coolest stuff, you do a good job, and many people love your work. plus I bet the stuff is Trademark so its not stealing. I wouldn't worry about it, just keep making the coolest stuff u make.

Maria said...

Thank you! The DigiFree freebie search engine is going to list this blog post today.

cnhfnl said...

I read all that you are going through and can't believe some people are like that. I was wondering since i was trying to download these if you could redo the download since the link don't work anymore. Keep up the great work and the great attitude.

Maja said...

Oh i love the bears in 54 Items.

Unfortunately the links does not work.

Please give some new links.....pleeeaaase.

Greetings from sweden

Maja said...

Finnaly i found the link inside the first map in 4share.
I' m so happy.
Thanks for sharing.
Greetings from Sweden