Wednesday, January 23, 2008

I'mmmm Baaacckkkkkk!

Ok - The account has been unbanned but they want to research the Free Use - Copyright Law that I gave them and have asked that I not keep the material in question in a shared folder until they research it to their satisfaction. I will be keeping them in an unshared folder that will need a password to get into. Sooo, until I get everything a little more organized I thought I would post the mini valentine kit that was created my myself. Please feel free to use it any way you choose! Post it, make stickers or cards out of them, you can even change them to a different color if you wish! Hey, and if you choose NOT to download it - guess what!?!? That's your choice! You know, I keep typing and erasing things that I really want to say - but they are mean spirited and I would rather not go that way. Just suffice it to say that what goes around comes around. I hope you enjoy this little something: PNG Silly Valentine Mini Kit and PSD Valentine Silly Mini Kit

Oh, and guess what? I will still be downloading pictures that were designed by others, and are not of my own hand, and teaching myself adobe on these "copyrighted" material. So to those that frown upon it I have two little words:

Get Bent!


Steph said...

Good Job, sticking to your guns. I hate when people get so high and mighty about crap thats just unneccessary. There is so much more to life than worrying about petty stuff. I'm new to all this and having been playing with psp, you gotta learn somehow huh? Anyways again, great job on all your stuff. Keep your head up.

scrapperJ said...

Have people got nothing better to do with their time.....I was reading another blog and someone had the audacity to complain to them that they put too many HAHAHAHAHA's in it. What is up with people these days.
I am sure you are intelligent enough to know if you were infringing copyright and the companies that own these images would soon let you know.
Keep your chin up and I for one support you in all that you do.

Anonymous said...

I think this person might be mad that you have such great stuff and they lack the creativity to either make them their self or do anything with them.I dont want you to get into trouble but I think I might be thinking some of the things you were typing earlier...but erased.Im with you and most others are too,so I really hope that person feels like a ( insert your own word here lol).

Maria said...

Thank you! The DigiFree freebie search engine is going to list this blog post today.

charming4106 said...

so good tosee this blog is back on track you are so talented and doing all of us a good deed. behind you 100%.

Carla said...

I honestly can't believe some people!

Glad to see you are sticking to your guns - you have done nothing wrong!

I support you 100 percent - keep up the amazing work and definitely keep holding your head up high :)