Saturday, July 5, 2008

Wedding Scrapbook

Hope everyone had a safe 4th! Odd that I am posting on a Saturday ... but the little one and hubby are sleeping and I am a little bored. So I finished up doing some wedding items. Hope you can use them. I think I will try and do some "milestone" items [suggested to me by Samantha]. It's something different [which is always a good thing!]. You can only do so much Disney and stuff without going out of your mind with silliness! So, if interested, you can get the Wedding Items Here. Oh, I was just surfing around the other day to check out other digital scrapbook items and got a little irritated by how much people were charging for digital scrapping items. Someone actually wanted $3.99 for a blank Maine license plate! Were they serious? Listen, you need something like that let me know and I will make it up for you - FOR FREE!!! Save your money for Pity Pete's Sake! Granted, I can't do the things that some others can do, and there are a lot of blogs/sites out there that have some pretty amazing items for sale at a reasonable price - but come on - $3.99 for a picture of a license plate! Why is it that when something turns out to be a lot of fun - someone has to ruin it by making it into an expensive hobby. Mmmm...ok, someone kick me off my pedestal! Quick! Enough of my ranting! I'm starting to bother myself! Hell, I'll kick myself off! Argg, crap that hurt! Well goodnight folks. I know when to call it quits and it's usually when I start acting stupid! You know, like now. Sweet dreams and don't let those darn bed bugs getcha!


Anonymous said...

HAHAHAHA....I just love reading your blog, it`s always interesting! And I agree with you on the price of "digital" scrapbook supplies, I refuse to buy them! There are just way too many freebies out there! Gee I had no idea you took requests.

Maria said...

Thank you! Your blog post will be advertised on the DigiFree Digital Scrapbooking Freebie search engine today (look for timestamp: 05 Jul [LA 10:43pm] - 06 Jul [NY 12:43am, UK 05:43am, OZ 03:43pm]).

Jody said...

I do buy some items but certainly wouldn't pay that price for a license plate! I have noticed kits have been going up in price which surprises me given the amount of competition out there. there are so many stores but people only have so much money they can spare to buy scrap supplies each month.

Due to the prices I have had to not participate in many challenges as one has to first purchase the kit. I love to do challenges as I learn through them but can't afford to do more than one a month that has you buy the kit.

I know designers put a lot of time into their work and I really don't know how they can make very much. In the last year I have seen so many new designers and stores it boggles my brain!

Thank goodness for designers such as yourself that share with us all. God Bless You

Anonymous said...

you crack me up!!really like reading your blog and DL! TYSm!
fran b