Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Going on a Vacation!!!

Hey, sorry for not posting or anything but I'm FINALLY going on a "vacation." Well, I'm actually going to Virginia to see my sister, nieces and nephews. Can't beat the cost either ... my sister paid for the air fair!!! I am leaving tomorrow so I have been cleaning the house and getting everything prepared. It's just going to be the little girl and me. Daddy is on a business trip in Colorado. Hey, at least we don't have to leave the boys by themselves. The boys would be my cats Kes, Vladimir and Renfield. We do have another cat who is named Princess but she is what I would consider the beasts of ALL beasts. Princess is actually my son's cat that I somehow inherited and can be a mean nasty cat. Hubby wants to get rid of her [and yes, so would I as she has bit the little girl several times]. I can't give her to anyone that has kids or won't take care of her. I can't make her an out door cat as she will most likely get run over by the trucks that go by [we had lost 2 cats a few years back - hence they are indoor cats at this time]. And there is NO WAY I will "put her down." That is NOT something I would do since she is otherwise very healthy. So I make sure that she is feed and watered and I give her the 3 second pet before she can turn around and bite me. And when she bites it's not a nip. She sinks her teeth into you and you have to literally pry her mouth open. Anyways! PaPaw will be checking in on them. Oh, and for you that don't know what a Pa-Paw is it would be the Kentucky version of Grandpa. I chuckled when I heard it for the first few times. What really cracks me up is the Ma-Maw [Grandma]. Sounds too much like Mammogram to me. And yes, I have called her that several times [Mammogram]. Ok, I will be back on Monday so hopefully I will have something for you on Tuesday. I hope everyone has a great week/weekend. Enjoy!!!


Jonni, John & Sofia said...

Hope you have a wonderful vacation. I just about cracked up about Pa-Paw and Ma-Maw. I remember this from living in NC. :) Have fun!!!!


Anonymous said...

Have a joyful and marvelous time.