Friday, December 28, 2007

Flowers in the Winter Time!!!

Hope you all are having a beautiful, safe and fun holiday! The weather has been kind of bleak around here - probably better than some other states, so I really better not complain! I'm trying to get some of the requests done and thought I would change pace a little and hopefully brighten up the winter with some colorful flowers. I know that I am way behind on scrapping and probably won't get to my Christmas pics until some time in June! So if anyone is like me maybe these will help you all catch up! And then, maybe not. Anywho, here are 67 flowers that I hope you can use and enjoy.


Trudy (BAHRAIN) said...

Hi there, I just "discovered" your blog and just looove your work!! Is there maybe a "CARS" theme in the pipeline, as my little Monkey just adores them!
Thank you for sharing with us.

Donna said...

Thanks! I can always use flowers. Have a Happy New Year!

catlilou said...

Thanks you !!!